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CATTS is looking for a software engineer to join its global team in building the EPOS platform. At CATTS you will enjoy the entrepreneurial, fast-paced mindset of a small-to-mid-sized company. At the same time you will gain the exposure and experience of working in a truly global organisation. Join our diverse global team of customs, compliance and technology experts and develop the tools of global trade of the future!


As a software engineer, you would be responsible for:
• coding,
• designing,
• application management,
• troubleshooting,
• monitoring updates and possible security threats
• providing end user support for our application platform.
• administration, project management and communication related to developing the platform.


• Must be fluent in English both in spoken and written word.
• Good communicator with all team members in a global environment.
• Must have an easy-going personality, having a click with our cultural concepts is an absolute MUST.
• Being able to thoroughly document functional and technical requirements in order to get “business signoff” and agree on a definition of done with various stakeholders.
• Must be willing to actively learn new concepts, languages, technologies and willing to learn about Trade Logistic and Customs Laws, regulations, processes and procedures.
• Being able to operate in a global engineering team, coordinating engineering efforts with a product owner and other business stakeholders.
• Knowledge of golang or a comparable language.
• Knowledge of elm or a comparable functional language.
• Knowledge of modern web development techniques and technologies.
• Must fully support the technical quality of the CATTS Software Platform in close collaboration with team manager.
• Limited travel required.


• Competitive salary.

• Attractive benefits package.

• Various trainings, including on-the-job training.
• Dedicated, hard-working, friendly team.
• Participation in interesting international projects.
• Working from home office.

In case you are interested, please submit a CV and motivational letter to

All resumes are held in confidence. Only candidates whose profiles match requirements will be contacted during this recruitment process.

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