CATTS focus is on assisting companies in corporate compliance strategies, managing compliant processes at a national and global level, optimising the use of IT solutions in trade processes, performing assessments and compliance reviews, and designing and providing training in trade compliance for the corporate world.


CATTS was founded by Peter Bulters and Nick Bulters, father and son. Peter is a former Senior Vice President of Global Trade Governance at a major international customs broker and Global Trade Management service provider. Prior to that he held senior trade compliance positions within a major financial institution as well as at Fortune 500 logistics and technology companies. In 1983 Peter started his career in trade compliance as a customs official, where he studied customs laws and regulations before making his move back into the private sector.

In this career path, Peter at first hand experienced all layers of the smallest to the largest organisations; from the authorities to financial institutions, industry giants and service providers. In all of these situations, Peter specifically noticed how much focus gets pulled away from client objectives and gets directed toward internal topics, power struggles and politics. Seasoned with 35 years of experience, a large global network and good personal standing with authorities and partners, Peter decided to start CATTS in 2016, with a true practical -, customer centric approach and partnership commitment.


Our vision is to inspire and innovate Customs & Trade Compliance.


The mission of CATTS is to provide excellent Customs & Trade Compliance services at scale.

Global Footprint

CATTS has an extensive global network of compliance analysts, experts, consultants and lawyers. As of 2021 our team exists of 80+ individuals: Of which 60% are directly employed and the other part consists of sub-contractors and partners with whom CATTS has longstanding relations. We are directly active in 50 countries, support customers in 15 different languages and with our extended network, we provide other service - and software providers with trade content for 152 countries. We proactively share knowledge and write publications which get shared in the form of articles and a monthly newsletter on global compliance topics and updates.

Shared Service Centers of Excellence

CATTS' main shared service centers of excellence are located in Poland (EMEA), India (APAC) and Mexico (Americas). Services not limited to for example FTA / Duty optimisation, Origin determination, Customs valuation, Compliance helpdesk, Transactional audits & testing, Risk management, Broker management, Tariff classification and Dual Use / ECCN classification are provided from these locations. Our teams closely cooperate with our in-country experts in different locations around the world.

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