Regulatory Compliance updates March 2023

China activates sanction enforcement against Lockheed Martin Corporation and Raytheon Missiles & Defense (Announcement of working Mechanism of Unreliable Entity List Published and effective immediately on Feb 16th 2023, Bureau of Security and Control of China MOFCOM announced to sanction Lockheed Martin Corporation and Raytheon Missiles & Defense, for the two companies participating in the […]

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Regulatory Compliance updates February 2023

China updates multiple import & export license/permit catalog  Multiple license/permit catalogs related to import & export were updated by China MOFCOM and all went effective on Jan 1 2023. The catalogs includes Catalogue of Goods subject to Automatic Import Licensing Administration (2023),Catalogue of Goods subject to Export License Administration (2023),Catalogue of Goods subject to Import […]

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Regulatory Compliance updates January 2023

Croatia joins the Euro and Schengen areas On 1 January 2023 Croatia has adopted the euro as its currency and will fully join the Schengen area. This marks an important milestone in the history of Croatia, of the euro and Schengen areas and of the EU as a whole. It follows a period of intensive […]

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Regulatory Compliance updates December 2022

China publishes and implements 2022 edition of Catalogue of Encouraged Foreign Investment Industries The Ministry of Commerce of China promulgated the Catalogue of Industries to Encourage Foreign Investment (2022 Edition), which will come into force on January 1, 2023. The new Catalogue continues the structure of the 2020 edition and consists of two parts: first, […]

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Regulatory Compliance updates November 2022

China plans to set more definite rules for Customs administrative punishment discretion benchmark and open to solicit public opinions On October 1, the General Administration of Customs issued a notice to solicit public opinions on the Benchmark of Customs Administrative Punishment discretion of the People's Republic of China (I) (Draft). The administrative act was evoked […]

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Regulatory Compliance updates October 2022

Canada: launched the CARM Client Portal CARM Release 1: May 25, 2021: Release 1 launched the CARM Client Portal, a self-service tool that will facilitate accounting and revenue management processes with the CBSA. The CARM Client Portal is available to importers and brokers, as well as trade consultants who currently submit rulings on behalf of importers. […]

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