Software Partners


MIC is the worldwide leading provider of global customs and trade compliance software solutions. More than 800 customers, in 55+ countries, on six continents, use MIC customs and trade compliance software.

"We specialize in the integration of global customs and trade compliance systems based on specific corporate structures and consider regional and national legal requirements. We ensure efficient customs operations and compliance within the legal frameworks. 1 GTM Source System with 1 GTM Compliance Database, 1 Graphical User Interface, and 1 consistent Service Organisation – worldwide."

Advisory Partners


CustomsAudit has more than 30 years of professional professional customs consultancy experience in Turkey. 

"Our mission is to support companies to benefit from the advantages and opportunities provided by customs and foreign trade legislation, to ensure that the risks that may arise in the customs-related transactions of foreign trade companies are under control with current and periodic audits, and to manage their transactions in the healthiest way."

Trade Forward

Trade Forward is an established network of global trade professionals available to support the design and delivery of Global Trade Management and Business Intelligence software while providing strategic consulting services to global manufactures and distributors.

"We have emerged as an agile partner to help any organization rise to the challenges and complexities within their global supply chain and provide flexible, informed and intelligent plans to adapt and move any logistics and trade operation to a new level of optimization."

American River Group of Companies

American River Group of Companies is an executive international trade consulting firm specializing in global trade compliance, facilitation, and international supply chain management.

"We offer our consulting services in a wide variety of options. Our professional services range from onsite third-party compliance management to offsite international trade and logistics resource support to compliment the needs of companies with an international global footprint in world trade. We represent industry expertise in global supply chain security and compliance management with a goal of increased functionality with the realization of decreased financial risk to company’s global supply chain footprint in various areas of interest. We bring to the table a combined experience of over 125 years of international trade and compliance expertise”

Fernia Creek LLC

FerniaCreek LLC is a global supply chain consulting group based in Jefferson City, Missouri. FerniaCreek enables companies of all sizes to advance their international supply chain & delivery capability, improve freedom to operate, identify & enable innovative suppliers and talent that sustains competitive advantage. When it comes to operating global supply chains, businesses drive their supply chains into a higher form of complexity given the dynamic and complex nature of trade compliance regulations, trading partners & suppliers, long lead times, financial & operating risk, and above all...the supply chain & talent competency needed to achieve success.

"Knowing what you need to know, acting on it timely, collaborating swiftly & accurately, and protecting your business with appropriate policy and controls leads to competitive advantage. FerniaCreek LLC, a global supply chain consulting group, is here to help you achieve your goals. We are here to help you as your trusted partner when operating globally."

Associations and Memberships


CATTS is a chamber member of KIGEiT, the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications. We provide the chamber members our expertise on global trade matters.

The Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications represents and defends the economic interests of associated companies, in particular before the legislative, executive and regulatory authorities, and participation in initiatives and activities related to the creation of the economic development strategy of the state.

"The Chamber provides a wide range of information services open to the public and only for KIGEiT members. We publish electronic newsletters and run problem groups where interested companies obtain information on a selected topic. We organize specialist and general training courses for the entire electronics and telecommunications sector. We work with the best specialists and lecturers in Poland.

Thanks to the cooperation with a group of over 30 permanent experts, we can provide a wide range of consulting services. We offer both simple and specialized consulting services related to narrow areas of electronics and telecommunications. These services are provided mainly for the needs of the members of the Chamber."

Association of Trade Compliance Professionals

CATTS is a member and sponsor of the Association of Trade Compliance Professionals.

The Association of Trade Compliance Professionals serves the trade compliance professional community by promoting relationships, exchanging information, and providing learning opportunities within the global trade compliance environment, all via the world wide web.

COMCE - Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade

CATTS is a member of the Mexican Business Council for Foreign Trade - COMCE (Consejo Empresarial Mexicano de Comercio Exterior, Inversión y Tecnología, A.C.).

COMCE is the Mexican private sector organization dedicated to promoting foreign trade, foreign investment, and technological development. It emerged in the 1950s under the name Mexican Council on International Affairs (CEMAI); in 1999, it merged with the National Council on Foreign Trade (CONACEX) to form COMCE.