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Transform Your
Trade Documents
into Valuable Data

Embrace the future of document handling with EPOS™ Doc-to-Data. Our AI-driven solution turns your PDF trade documents into structured data, streamlining your workflow and saving you hours of data entry daily.

Why EPOS™ Doc-to-Data?

In today's fast-paced trade environment, at least 50% of global trade still relies on manual document processing. The traditional methods of handling trade documents, often requiring extensive manual input, are not only time-consuming but also prone to errors.

EPOS™ Doc-to-Data addresses this challenge by using advanced AI and Machine Learning technologies to digitize and convert your PDF trade documents into structured, easily manageable data. This transition not only saves time but also enhances accuracy and efficiency.

Benefits of EPOS™ Doc-to-Data

EPOS™ Doc-to-Data offers numerous advantages, significantly enhancing your document management process and overall operational efficiency.

Time Efficiency

Reduce document processing time drastically, from hours to minutes.

Accuracy Improvement

Minimize errors with AI-powered data extraction and structuring.

Cost Reduction

Decrease operational costs by reducing manual data entry needs.

Data Accessibility

Easily access and manage your data for better business insights.


Scale your document processing capabilities as your business grows.

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