Streamline Your
Broker Management
with EPOS™

Optimize and control your trade data flow seamlessly with EPOS™, enhancing compliance and reporting efficiency for global trade management.

Data Management Simplified

Navigating global trade requires precise data handling. Errors or delays in documentation can have costly consequences, hindering your business's progress and compliance.

EPOS™ revolutionizes trade data collection by digitizing and structuring information for clarity and action, ensuring your operations align with international compliance standards effortlessly.

EPOS™ Key Advantages

Embrace the full suite of EPOS™ for a comprehensive approach to trade data management, from initial data collection to post-transaction auditing, streamlined for your success.

Efficient Data Collection

Digitize and map your trade documents, from PDF to XLS, with seamless system integrations.

Compliant Broker Instructions

Compile accurate broker instructions, ensuring compliance from the outset.

Proactive Data Verification

Implement pre-transactional checks to minimize errors and streamline your operations.

Transactional Data Integrity

Link and audit post-transactional data with broker instructions for complete transparency.

Ready for ESG Reporting

Prepare for stringent ESG reporting requirements, staying ahead of regulations like CBAM.

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The Brazilian Government is implementing the New Import Process to reduce all bureaucracy by creating a single window connecting information from the Importer and all Government Departments involved in the import process such as Customs, […]

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Celebrating World Customs Day 2024

January 26, 2024

Today, on World Customs Day, we at CATTS join the international community in celebrating the vital role of customs in the global economy. This year's theme, 'Customs Engaging Traditional and New Partners with Purpose,' resonates deeply with our mission and the evolving landscape of customs and trade compliance.

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CATTS Wins the WCO Technology Hackathon!

October 21, 2022

The winning team members Koen, Frank, and Jeroen, who formed the software development brains, and Mariusz and Nick, who provided their customs expertise and functional application perspective, did an amazing job in winning the Hackathon. […]

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