Optimizing Trade: Brazil's New Import Process Platform 

Efficiency Through an Integrated Product Catalog System
February 1, 2024
Written by Alex Martinowski

The Brazilian Government is implementing the New Import Process to reduce all bureaucracy by creating a single window connecting information from the Importer and all Government Departments involved in the import process such as Customs, Health, Army, Agriculture, and others on the same platform.

This New Import Process will reduce the time required to register the import declaration, as all involved departments will carry out the approval on the same platform.

The biggest challenge for importers will be the module called Product Catalog that will be included and mandatory for the new Platform.

What is the Product Catalog?

The Import Product Catalog is a module of the new Platform. Its main purpose is to assist in filling out the Import Declaration (DUIMP), this database of foreign products and operators will need to be included within the government platform and without this data the Import Declaration cannot be registered. This database will be managed by the importer himself, updating it with new products or new information on products already registered.

Product Catalog Objectives

  • Ensure the quality of the product description within the platform, with detailed information and the appropriate identified attributes, document attachments, images, and photos to assist in administrative processing, inspection, and risk analysis.
  • Improve and increase security in tax classification through the quality and accuracy of product information.
  • Allow stakeholders to integrate their systems into the Catalog, consequently receiving information according to their needs.
  • Provision of product information once (by completing the catalog) to all entities involved in the operation.
  • Ensure greater agility in the performance of consenting bodies in foreign trade operations.
  • Allow the granting of licenses for the “product”, when applicable, instead of licenses for each operation

Importer's Challenger and Chronogram

According to the Brazilian Government, the new platform will start by the end of December 2024, this date may change but as of today 02/01/24 this is the official date published according to the Government Website - https://www.gov.br/mdic/pt-br/assuntos/noticias/2023/dezembro/portal-unico-estara-100-habilitado-para-importacoes-ate-o-final-de-2024

All importer´s must need review the database considering not only the description and classification, but also need to determine additional information based on the new attributes requested by the Brazilian Government. To determine the new attributes, it will be necessary to involve not only the service provider, but also specialists from Importer´s who understand the details of the products.

This Additional attribute information is determined through product classification and in some cases the additional information can exceed 15 questions per product, generating exhaustive work to be answered.

CATTS recommends starting the database review as soon as possible to ensure continuity of import declaration registration when the new import process is implemented.CATTS, through its Brazil office, has the technical and professional capacity to assist your company in this important review.

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