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Statement of the G7 Non-Proliferation Directors Group on a Nuclear Safety and Security Framework for Ukraine

March 22, 2022

G7 leaders and ministers have condemned Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. Profoundly concerned, in this context, by Russian attacks at and in the direct vicinity of nuclear facilities in Ukraine, and condemning any acts compromising the safety of nuclear installations devoted to peaceful purposes, Mindful that the risk to civilians from damage to a nuclear site during armed conflict has the potential to increase dramatically and that the radiological risk to civilians and the environment from a nuclear accident go beyond the borders of any country.

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Highlights of sanctions announced by major world powers

March 3, 2022

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the United States, the European Union, and other major world powers have announced various punitive actions against Russia. Several sanctions and embargoes were already in place against Russia, and the invasion triggered additional sanctions from major world powers.

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Sanction Measures following the launch of military actions by Russia in Ukraine 

March 3, 2022

Statement by Japan Foreign Minister HAYASHI Yoshimasa On February 24, Russia launched military actions in Ukraine. These actions clearly infringe upon the Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, constitute a serious violation of international law prohibiting […]

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