Successful First Shanghai Roundtable

China's customs and trade compliance experts meet to discuss industry challenges
November 8, 2022
Written by CATTS

Steve Tian, CATTS Regional Director, APAC, is glad to announce that the first China Trade Management roundtable was successfully launched on Friday, November 4, 2022. The event was co-hosted by CATTS, in partnership with MIC, a global leading GTM software provider, and the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Facilitation Center of Enterprises Development Co., Ltd. "SHWFED", a member of China's large state-owned, publicly listed company, Waigaoqiao Corp.

We are happy to see this first edition drew the attention of many industry professionals, having more than 20 people join in person. Especially since in Shanghai people are still dealing with the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing disruptions in physical face-to-face meetings and new business challenges.

“A great session and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing you next time”

Sam Qiu, Asia logistics and Customs manager, Veolia Group

A platform for sharing knowledge and ideas

A senior China customs official kicked off the roundtable discussion with a presentation about automotive compliance, focusing on customs regulations, cost-effective operational processes, and procedures. The second keynote speaker, Jun Li from Shanghai Milkyway Chemical Logistics, shared best practices on master data management in the new era of trade compliance digitization.

Shanghai Roundtable

“The agenda topics and open discussions are very impressive, very informative! I personally enjoyed it very much. Great thanks for the invitation”

Vivien Liang, China Customs Compliance/Foreign Trade Management, Continental Corporation

The presentation topics were broken up into networking sessions, giving the 20+ participants the opportunity to share ideas and continue the discussions. Finally, Steve Tian presented his vision of the benefits and risks of enhancing trade management with managed service capabilities.

Interested in joining future roundtable discussions?

Because this first edition was a success, future events will follow. We will continue to plan subject focused, small group discussions aimed at global customs and trade compliance experts in the region.

Please let us know if you are interested to join and enjoy one of our upcoming events in this format.

“Big data, data mining, data structuring, business cases, these are real key success facts for the near future. We do believe it will bring the same value to improve customs and trade compliance management”

Jerry Fang, Manager of Customs/Transportation/Packaging, Supply Chain Management Asia, Vitesco China.