Meet the Crew: Jacek Kapica

CATTS' Senior Consultant in Customs and Trade Compliance
May 6, 2024

Welcome to Meet the Crew, where we shine a spotlight on the people who are the backbone of CATTS. This series will give you a closer look at the diverse and dedicated individuals behind our operations, showcasing their expertise, passions, and unique contributions to our success. In this issue, we're thrilled to feature Jacek Kapica, a recent addition to our team who has already begun making significant impacts.

A Rich Background in Customs Compliance

Joining CATTS as a Senior Consultant, Jacek Kapica brings over twenty years of experience in customs and trade regulation. His significant tenure as the Chief of Polish Customs involved spearheading major reforms and modernizing customs operations to align with EU standards. "My role required adapting to new regulations and technologies to enhance our operations" Jacek explains. His efforts have set high benchmarks in customs administration, particularly in areas of technological integration and process optimization.

What aspect of your work do you find most fulfilling?

"The most fulfilling aspect of my work has been the ability to implement comprehensive changes that have a long-lasting impact. Leading the modernization of Polish Customs was incredibly rewarding. After my time at Polish Customs, I helped businesses adhere to customs regulations. It is deeply gratifying to me when I can help clients find ways to cut costs, handle risks better, and use trade rules and agreements to their advantage in their global trade"


Jacek’s decision to join CATTS was influenced by the company's agile and responsive culture. "CATTS' approach to rapidly adjust to client needs and its appreciation for experienced insights attracted me," Jacek notes. He values the company's efficient decision-making and the opportunity to directly impact client strategies.

Life Beyond Customs

Away from the complexities of customs and compliance, Jacek finds solace and adventure on two wheels: “Driving a motorcycle allows me to cut my mind from disruptive external impulses and focus on the road or one thought I want to deeply rethink. The plan for this year is to visit Normandy during the 80’th of the anniversary of D-Day and the Carpathia Mountains in Romania.”

Professional Role and Future Aspirations:

At CATTS, Jacek focuses on refining compliance frameworks and leveraging new technologies to enhance service delivery. "Keeping up-to-date with technological advances and regulatory changes is crucial in our field," he says, emphasizing the need for continuous professional development. Jacek looks forward to contributing to upcoming projects that promise to introduce innovative compliance solutions.

How do you see your role aligning with CATTS’ mission?

“International trade and customs operations are very unique and have to be adjusted to the client's supply chain, bringing benefits with savings of money and time. That has to be in compliance with the law regulations as well as responding to the client's expectations. I see my role as an expert in helping clients design and implement processes.”

Getting in Touch

Jacek welcomes discussions on customs compliance and is available for contact through LinkedIn or by email at You can meet Jacek in person in Warsaw during the Trade & Customs Compliance Academy Conference on 9-10 May 2024, where he will present ‘Customs Compliance Program: A Customs Control System in Light of the Customs Union Reform’. He's keen to share his expertise and discuss how CATTS can help in navigating complex trade regulations.

Thank you for joining us in welcoming Jacek to our crew. Stay tuned for more profiles in this series as we continue to introduce the talented individuals behind our operations.



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