A Brexit Case Study

Kapiteyn BV is a company specialized in the export of flower bulbs. After packing the flower bulbs, their B2B sales go across the globe to retailers, international supermarket chains, home improvement centres and department stores. Kapiteyn BV ships approximately 140 million flower bulbs per year in total, of which 37 million flower bulbs per year […]

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WTO updates 04/21

HS 2022 amendments to SACU Common External Tariff published for consultation In an effort to strengthen the inclusive and transparent character of the process of implementation of the Harmonized System (HS), the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) has recently made available the HS 2022 amendments to its Common External Tariff for public consultation. All SACU […]

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Preferential Trade updates 04/21

Canada and UK implement the free trade agreement Canada’s Minister of International Trade announced that Canada will ratify its Trade Continuity Agreement (TCA) with the United Kingdom. The announcement came after the Canadian Minister held a call with the United Kingdom’s Secretary of State for International Trade, Elizabeth Truss. It is anticipated that Canada and […]

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Regulatory Compliance updates 04/21

Canada imposes sanctions on four individuals and one entity linked to Xinjiang Canada has imposed new sanctions against four Chinese officials and a Chinese entity under the newly enacted Special Economic Measures (People’s Republic of China) Regulations (the “Regulations”), in response to the alleged human rights situation in Xinjiang. Becoming a listed person under the […]

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Anti-dumping Duty updates 04/21

Brazil: Ministry of Economy of Brazil published the Consolidated Guide for Antidumping investigation The Secretariat of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Economy of Brazil published the combined category of the antidumping investigation guide. It helps the public to access the contribution received and can be accessed on the SECEX page ministry website. The combined […]

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Customs Tariff updates 04/21

Bolivia customs tariff update Bolivia customs authority has updated the import tariff. Update includes the changes in the preferential duty rates for various products under the different trade agreements.  European union custom tariff updates European Union (European commission) has updated the import tariff. Update includes the changes in the preferential duty rates for various products […]

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