OFAC: Balkans-related Designations and Designations Removals

April 12, 2022

The following individuals have been added to OFAC's SDN List:

  • GRUEVSKI, Nikola (Cyrillic: ГРУЕВСКИ, Никола), Hungary; Skopje, North Macedonia, The Republic of; DOB 31 Aug 1970; POB Skopje, North Macedonia; nationality North Macedonia, The Republic of; Gender Male (individual) [BALKANS-EO14033].  
  • MAROVIC, Svetozar (Cyrillic: МАРОВИЋ, Светозар), Serbia; DOB 31 Mar 1955; POB Kotor, Montenegro; nationality Montenegro; Gender Male (individual) [BALKANS-EO14033].  
  • MIJALKOV, Sasho (Cyrillic: МИЈАЛКОВ, Сашо) (a.k.a. MIJALKOV, Alex; a.k.a. MIJALKOV, Alexander; a.k.a. MIJALKOV, Sasa; a.k.a. MIJALKOV, Saso), Naroden Front Street No. 5-31, Skopje, North Macedonia, The Republic of; DOB 15 Sep 1965; POB Skopje, North Macedonia; nationality North Macedonia, The Republic of; Gender Male (individual) [BALKANS-EO14033].  
  • NDROQI, Ylli Bahri (a.k.a. PASMACIU, Xhemail; a.k.a. PASMACIU, Xhemal), Tirana, Albania; DOB 11 Mar 1965; POB Tirana, Albania; nationality Albania; Gender Male (individual) [BALKANS-EO14033].  
  • RAKIPI, Aqif (f.k.a. EJYLBEGAJ, Skender), Elbasan, Albania; DOB 01 Apr 1964; POB Durres, Albania; nationality Albania; citizen Albania; Gender Male (individual) [BALKANS-EO14033].  
  • SARAJLIC, Asim, Bosnia and Herzegovina; DOB 03 Oct 1975; POB Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; nationality Bosnia and Herzegovina; Gender Male (individual) [BALKANS-EO14033].  
  • TADIC, Gordana, Bosnia and Herzegovina; DOB 27 Jun 1962; POB Zivinice, Bosnia and Herzegovina; nationality Bosnia and Herzegovina; citizen Bosnia and Herzegovina; Gender Female; National ID No. 2706962189234 (Bosnia and Herzegovina) (individual) [BALKANS-EO14033].

The following entity has been added to OFAC's SDN List: 

  • I.C.I.C. KFT. (a.k.a. I.C.I.C. LTD.), Bocskai utca 9, Pecel 2119, Hungary; Organization Established Date 15 Jul 2021; Tax ID No. 27189173-1-13 (Hungary); Registration Number 13-09-214318 (Hungary) [BALKANS-EO14033] (Linked To: GRUEVSKI, Nikola). 

The following deletions have been made to OFAC's SDN List: 

  • ARSENOVIC, Djojo; DOB 06 Jan 1952; POB Donje Crnjelovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (individual) [BALKANS]. 
  • BALA, Haradin; DOB 10 Jun 1957; POB Gornja Koretica, Serbia and Montenegro; ICTY indictee (individual) [BALKANS]. 
  • BOROVNICA, Goran; DOB 15 Aug 1965; ICTY indictee at large (individual) [BALKANS]. 
  • CENGIC, Hasan; DOB 03 Aug 1957; POB Odzak, Bosnia-Herzegovina (individual) [BALKANS]. 
  • DERONJIC, Miroslav; DOB 06 Jun 1945; POB Bratunac, Bosnia-Herzegovina; ICTY indictee (individual) [BALKANS]. 
  • GASHI, Sabit; DOB 30 Dec 1967; POB Suva Reka, Serbia and Montenegro (individual) [BALKANS]. 
  • HYSENI, Xhemajl; DOB 15 Aug 1958; POB Lojane, Macedonia (individual) [BALKANS].  
  • JOSIPOVIC, Drago; DOB 14 Feb 1955; POB Santici, Bosnia-Herzegovina; ICTY indictee (individual) [BALKANS]. 
  • MARINIC, Zoran; DOB 06 Jun 1963; POB Busovaca, Bosnia-Herzegovina; ICTY indictee at large (individual) [BALKANS]. 
  • MRKSIC, Milan; DOB 20 Jul 1947; POB Vrginmost, Croatia; ICTY indictee in custody (individual) [BALKANS]. 
  • MUCIC, Zdravko; DOB 31 Aug 1955; ICTY indictee (individual) [BALKANS].  
  • MUSLIU, Jonuz; DOB 05 Jan 1959; POB Konculj, Serbia and Montenegro (individual) [BALKANS].  
  • NIKOLIC, Drago; DOB 09 Nov 1957; POB Vlasenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina; ICTY indictee (individual) [BALKANS].  
  • OJDANIC, Dragoljub; DOB 01 Jun 1941; POB Ravni-Cajetina, Serbia and Montenegro; Ex-Fry Minister of Defense; ICTY indictee in custody (individual) [BALKANS].  
  • RUSHITI, Sait (a.k.a. RUXHETI, Sait); DOB 07 Nov 1966 (individual) [BALKANS].  
  • STRUGAR, Pavle; DOB 13 Jul 1933; POB Pec, Serbia and Montenegro; ICTY indictee (individual) [BALKANS].  
  • TALIC, Momir; DOB 15 Jul 1942; POB Piskavica, Bosnia-Herzegovina; ICTY indictee (individual) [BALKANS].  
  • TODOROVIC, Stevan; DOB 29 Dec 1957; POB Donja Slatina, Bosnia-Herzegovina; ICTY indictee (individual) [BALKANS].  
  • ZELENOVIC, Dragan; DOB 12 Feb 1961; ICTY indictee at large (individual) [BALKANS].  
  • BEARA, Ljubisa; DOB 14 Jul 1939; POB Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (individual) [BALKANS].  
  • HADZIC, Goran; DOB 07 Sep 1958; POB Municipality of Vinkovci, Croatia (individual) [BALKANS].

This information was published by the U.S. Department of Treasury. To read the original article go to:  https://home.treasury.gov/policy-issues/financial-sanctions/recent-actions/20220411


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