WTO updates January 2023

January 17, 2023

China initiates WTO dispute complaint targeting US semiconductor chip measures

China has requested WTO dispute consultations with the United States, challenging US export control and related measures with respect to certain advanced computing semiconductor chips and manufacturing products, supercomputer items, as well as related technologies and services, destined for or otherwise related to China. The request was circulated to WTO members on 15 December.

 WCO supports the Saudi Customs Authority (ZATCA) in implementing the 2022 version of the Harmonized System

As part of its capacity building strategy and under the sponsorship of the Tax and Customs Authority of Saudi Arabia (ZATCA), the WCO has held a national workshop on HS 2022 and its transposition into the national context. The workshop took place in Riyadh from 11 to 15 December 2022, under the auspices of the ZATCA and led by a Senior Technical Officer of the WCO’s Tariff and Trade Affairs Directorate, with the participation of two trainers, pre‑accredited by the WCO on the HS for the MENA region. Some 20 officials specializing in areas relating to the tariff classification of goods, representing several departments of the Saudi Customs Authority, took part in the workshop.

The aim of the workshop was to present to the participants the amendments that have been introduced into the new 2022 edition of the HS and to discuss various topics connected with the HS. The participants were also informed about some of the practical aspects of transposing the HS into national tariffs, in order to ensure that it was properly applied in a uniform manner.

WTO arbitrators issue award in EU-Colombia frozen fries dispute

The WTO circulated the arbitration award in the proceedings initiated by Colombia under Article 25 of the Dispute Settlement Understanding to review the findings of a WTO dispute panel in “Colombia — Anti-Dumping Duties on Frozen Fries from Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands” (DS591).

WTO dispute panel issues report regarding US origin marking requirements

The WTO circulated the panel report in the case brought by Hong Kong, China in “United States — Origin Marking Requirement” (DS597)

Members consider EU requests for dispute panels regarding Chinese trade measures

WTO members considered two requests from the European Union for dispute panels at a meeting of the Dispute Settlement Body on 20 December: one regarding Chinese measures affecting trade in goods and services with Lithuania, and a second regarding China’s enforcement of intellectual property rights. In both instances, China said it was not in a position to accept the EU requests.

WTO members accept UAE, Cameroon offers to host Ministerial Conferences

At a meeting of the General Council on 19 December, WTO members agreed to a proposal from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Cameroon to host consecutive Ministerial Conferences. Under an arrangement agreed between the two countries, the UAE will host the 13th Ministerial Conference (MC13) the week of 26 February 2024 in Abu Dhabi and Cameroon will host the 14th Ministerial Conference (MC14) at a date still to be determined.




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